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Yo, im a teenage girl who's DONE with high school. (im taking a gap year so lots of drawing time im guessing :)) lifes pretty busy atm but that's never stopped me before from drawing! so. here's where you'll find those drawings.
As you can see i draw a lot of fanart, check the 'interests' to see what for. But i also have a lot of OC's and i will love you forever if you ask me about them :)
Tumblr: (you'll find me here most of the time)
Charahub: here you can post OC's! its amazing go check it out:

I don't reply 'Thanks for the fav' etc. but I'm really grateful for every one of them! Hereby I say thanks to everyone who ever has and will favorite(d)/commented my art. Thanks!



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  • Reading: My journal
  • Watching: YOU Mwuhahahaha
Found this one on Spectral-ninjas page. and i thought it was cool so

Danny Phantom
[ ] You're no different than your average person.
[ ] You get picked on a lot.
[ ] Your parents appear to be out to embarrass you. (no, my parents are great)
[ ] You have an older sister. (i AM an older sister)
[X] Sometimes you argue with your siblings, but in the end, you care about them. (yeeees)
[ ] You have a bf/gf that you trust very much. (i dont have a lover D:)
[X] Your friends can be a little strange at times. (oh, you dont know the halfa it. Get it! hahaahahahaha.....)
[ ] Your not afraid to admit when you need help. (im not afraid perse, just stubborn.)
[X] Never turn your back on a friend. (well that depends on who you count as friends, but generally, no)
[X] Sometimes it's nice to have no one notice you. (yes.)
Total: 4 

Vlad Plasmius
[ ] You are a very hateful person. (not at all)
[ ] You are manipulative and not afraid to use others for your own personal gain. (nope)
[ ] You are deeply in love with someone.
[ ] But you can't have them because they're already in a relationship.
[ ] When someone makes you angry, you must get revenge. 
[X] You like being in control of others. (well, a lil bit, i must admit)
[ ] You've told a really big secret that you now regret announcing. (nope)
[ ] You can be very charming at times. (Im not charming at all. Cute? maybe but charming noooo way)
[ ] You really, really like money. 
[ ]There is a sports team that you are highly obsessed with. 
Total: 1 (danny takes the lead)

[ ] Sometimes you feel a little behind the times. 
[X] You've illegally downloaded something off the internet. (more music than i can count)
[X] You have played at least on online role play game.
[X] Some of the words you say haven't been said for many years now. (well in dutch, ironically)
[ ] You went through a major appearance/style change at least once in your life. (though i do want to paint my hair a weird unnatural colour someday)
[X] Sometimes people wonder if you ever stop talking. (I can talk waaaaayy too much. sometimes. but that is also the question so it counts.)
[ ] You talk so much that you commonly blab secrets. (never blab secrets. neverrrrr)
[X] You would be lost without technology. (definitely)
[ ] You are extremely boisterous and hyperactive. (im way too tired for that)
[ ] Someone has stolen something extremely important to you from you. 

Total: 4 (BUt Technus comes in strong!)

[ ] You insist on knowing the time at all times. (most of the time i do know it but i dont insist at all times)
[X] When chaos ensues, you have the ability to remain completely calm. (yes, one time i got stuck in the elevator and i was just absolutely calm)
[X] You are a very helpful person and like to guide people in the right direction. (well yeah)
[ ] You can be a very tricky person. 
[X] You are highly intelligent. (you could say that)
[X] Sometimes people comment on how many different things you know. (yes. When i am with people who dont go to school with me and i get in a fact-nitpicky mood they always say 'god josefien shut up that doesnt matter you think and know too much)
[X] You see the importance of not messing with the past/future. (mooost of the time i do. not that id have the option to mess with it)
[ ] History is your favorite subject. (dont have history
[ ] When it comes to good and evil, you prefer to remain neutral. (no i wanna be good) 
[ ] You have strange methods of helping people, which don't always make sense to others. (not really i think?)

Total: 5 (Clockwork is taking over)

[X] You are a real stickler on the rules. (most of the time)
[ ] When it comes to those around you, you can come off as very strict. (i dont think so)
[ ] You hardly have any friends because of the way you act. (well i like to think that i have some good friends so no)
[ ] But you don't really care about not having friends anymore (i would care)
[X] You have a small group of people who would do anything for you. (prrrrrobably)
[ ] There is someone you absolutely hate. 
[ ] You would do anything to ruin that person's life.
[ ] You are not above using dirty tricks to get what you want.
[ ] You would make up a rule just to get someone in trouble.
[ ] It's your way or nothing

Total: 2

[X] English is not your first language.
[X] You don't like being contained. 
[X] Freedom is very important to you.
[X] You are very quick to trust those around you. 
[X] You have a best friend that you would do anything for.
[X] You would sacrifice yourself just to make certain your friends are safe.
[ ] You are extremely loyal.
[ ] You have a wild temper, which people should not tamper with. 
[ ] You have very sharp nails
[ ] Your always on the run from someone who doesn't like you.

Total: 6 (woop woop wulf is in da house)

Box Ghost
[ ] You have a large collection of boxes. 
[X] Sometimes you can be a bumbling idiot.
[X] You like screaming things that don't make any sense. 
[ ] Sometimes you run into things. 
[X] Or you trip over things that are right in front of you. 
[ ] You don't realize/don't care when you screw up.
[X] Sometimes you feel like people around you don't care about you.
[ ] You will do anything to catch anyone's attention.
[ ] You are incapable of sounding menacing or malevolent. (my friends have told me that when i put on a certain voice i am veeerrry threatening)
[ ]  No matter how many times you lose, you'll just keep trying again. 

Total: 4 

Johnny 13
[ ] You have ridden a motorcycle. 
[ ] In fact, you prefer motorcycles over cars any day. 
[ ] You have a lot of bad luck. 
[ ] You have moved several times in your life. 
[ ] Your bf/gf is the most important thing to you, even if it doesn't look that way. 
[ ] You would do anything to make your bf/gf happy. 
[ ] You get really jealous when you see your bf/gf talking to another girl/boy. 
[ ] Even though sometimes you can be a bit flirtatious at times.
[X] You would never attack someone without provocation.
[ ] You are highly rebellious.

Total: 1 (most of these are about bf/gfs and it reminds me of my lonelinessss)

[ ] You are a very demanding individual.
[ ] You are always stressing over your bf/gf.
[ ] You feel like your bf/gf doesn't pay enough attention to you.
[ ] No matter how much you complain about your bf/gf, you still love them. 
[ ] You like making other people jealous.
[X] You have a small group of girls who are your best friends.
[ ] You feel like men are inferior to women.
[ ] You can come off as a highly snide person at times.
[X] Being away from your loved ones brings you down.
[ ] At one point in your life, you were barred from seeing the person you really wanted to be with.

Total: 2 (same as johnny)

Penelope Spectra
[ ] You are constantly worried about the way you look.
[X] You could turn the most simple operation into a complex plan. (probably)
[ ] You're always making people feel worse about themselves.
[X] On the outside, you're extremely chipper. (I seem happy most of the time)
[X] But on the inside, you're sadistic and cruel. (well yes)
[ ] You can be a little psychotic at times. 
[ ] Sometimes people back away from you because they're worried about what you'll do. 
[X] You could put on a fake happiness for weeks.(done it for weeks too)
[ ] You have someone who would do anything you asked them to. 
[ ] You don't care how others feel as long as you're happy.

Total: 4 (i dont know if i should be happy of sad, i do like penelope but i dont want to be her)

[X] You are a child at heart.
[X] You prefer being around children more then adults. (depends on the adults but mostly yes. adults never speak to me for me, only for politeness. they always ask the same question: "so, do you know what you're going to study?)
[ ] You are a highly obnoxious person.
[X] Sometimes you can be a bit childish. 
[ ] You even dress a little like a child. 
[ ] You want to be in control over those around you.
[X] You absolutely love pirates. (pirates are AWESOME. end of story.)
[ ] Halloween is awesome because its an excuse to dress up. 
[ ] Of course, you'd dress up even if it wasn't Halloween. 
[ ] You are much more of a fighter then you appear to be.

Total: 4

Apparently I'm Wulf! I'm totally fine with that actually. I even curse in esperanto sometimes. cause i translated 'hot shit' to 'varma merdo' one time. during french. it was hilarious you had to be there.

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